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- Set in the distant future, space-faring Supernova combines a multiplayer online battle arena genre with real-time strategy elements. In Supernova the universe is the battle arena, and players must battle as humans or aliens to prevent their race from extinction. Players choose from a wide variety of commanders to control, such as giant robots, cyborgs, or interstellar races adapted to the unyielding harshness of space.


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Glass Stilettos in Manhattan

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- In Glass Stilettos in Manhattan, the player picks from a variety of men to date in a choose-your-own-adventure style novel. Each storyline features 15 chapters and two possible endings. Available for Android and iPhone.


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Adventure A-Go-Go

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- Adventure A-Go-Go was a video game which appeared on the Starwood Hotels web site for Starwood's Aloft Hotel chain. The road trip game consisted of routes between Aloft's major locations, and the player answered trivia questions at stops along the way. There were also situations along the ride where the player could use the benefits of their Amex card.


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