Nightbird Society: Zen Escape

Information about the Game:

[Nightbird Society: Zen Escape]

Publisher: Epizodic Entertainment

Release Date: January 22, 2021

My Role: Game story and dialogue

Links to Game: Google Play / Apple Store

Official Game Description:

DODGE larger-than-life obstacles!
GRIND your way through an amazing journey!
FIND your bliss in Zen Training!

Exhilarating physics-based gameplay and breathtaking music that push the narrative where no game has gone before.

Unlock the stories of extraordinary heroes overcoming their fears to someday save the world!

This amazing journey begins with Sarah Solar, a young, aspiring Broadway singer struggling to find her place in society. She encounters a mysterious man on an enchanted train, and her life (as well as the life of others) is changed forever.

  • Beautiful visuals, rich and diverse landscapes
  • Hundreds of challenging levels (play at your own pace) and music inspired mini games
  • Customized skins with an ever-expanding catalog of attire, accessories, and themes
  • Collect, upgrade and power-up items including shields, mind flowers and paw bombs (Pombs!)
  • Bruce the Zen Dog to the rescue! (Ultimate Protector)
  • Original groundbreaking soundtrack (Multi-platinum artist/composer Jae Chong feat. Kiyone
  • Retro future inspired UI environments and BGM (Scored by Marcelo Cataldo)
  • "Superhero inspired" stories created and written by renown comic book veterans David Wohl and Joelle Sellner
  • Soothing Zen (Distance) Training mode

Game Media:

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