Information about the Game:

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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with Real-Time Strategy elements

Platform: PC

Publisher: Primal Game Studio and Bandai Namco

Release Date: Alpha released March 29, 2015. Game ultimately abandoned.

My Role: Game dialogue

Official Game Description:

Set in the distant future, space-faring Supernova takes an innovative approach to the multiplayer online battle arena genre by adding real-time strategy elements.

In Supernova the universe is the battle arena, and players must battle as humans or aliens for their race's right to exist. Commanders from across the galaxy pit themselves against each other to save their race from extinction. Players choose from a wide variety of commanders to control, such as giant robots, cyborgs, or interstellar races adapted to the unyielding harshness of space.

Supernova aims to take traditional multiplayer online battle gameplay another step further by allowing players to improve their battle prowess by combining drops from their matches to create durable boosts to the abilities of their favorite commanders. This ability allows players to extend their strategies beyond their chosen commanders' base abilities.

Supernova also introduces the Supremacy ability and an unparalleled line-up of Commanders. The Supremacy ability allows players to unleash a planet-razing ancient technology that will grant a savvy team megalithic blasting drones, which relentlessly drive to the heart of an enemy's defenses. Lastly, the possibilities offered by a future, universe-spanning set of civilizations presents a variety of Commanders not limited by any terrestrial imagination.

Game Media:

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