Win, Lose or Love

Information about the Movie:

[Win, Lose or Love]
Title:"Win, Lose or Love"
Air Date:April 25, 2015
Running Time:1 hour, 27 minutes
Type:Made-For-TV Movie


As young and recently single parents, Clara (played by Helena Mattsson) and Alex (played by Corey Sevier) have two completely different styles of parenting. While helicopter mom Clara hovers over her son Oliver (Griffin Kunitz), Alex's daughter Emma (Kayla Madison) feels out of touch with her father's life. Their two worlds collide when Alex's ulterior motives prompt him to run against Clara for parent group president. In a surprising turn of events, Clara and Alex tie and must work together to run the group until the mandated revote. The bitter rivals struggle for power, outfoxing each other any chance they get. That is, until the matter of raising their children puts things into perspective. As Clara and Alex begin to arrive at a mutual understanding, they might gain more than they bargained for out of this game of tug-of-war.