Punky Brewster - Volume 1 - Issue 6

Information about the Issue:

Title:"Oh, Shoot"
Written by:Joelle Sellner
Art and Colors by:Lesley Vamos
Letters by:Steve Wands
Cover Art by:Lesley Vamos
Publication Date:July 1, 2014
Publisher:Roar Comics, a division of Lion Forge Comics
Print Length:28 Pages

Issue Description:

While Henry's off in Louisville on a photo-shoot for famous TV reporter Megan Velez, he gets the surprise he least expected -- Punky showing up at the studio! Megan has some advice for a glum Punky - you have to fight for what you want in life. Punky takes it to heart - she's ready to stand up for what she wants! Only one problem - the Family Court judge isn't about to take advice from an 8-year-old!

Information about the Series:

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The precocious youngster that won our hearts all those years ago is back in brand-new adventures! Despite a hard-knock life, Punky Brewster's one girl that can't be kept down. Punky and her dog, Brandon, are scraping by on the streets of Chicago, sleeping in empty apartments and mattress stores. But they're bound to get caught some time, and things looks grim when their best hope is a grumpy old loner named Henry. The perfect read for any independent-minded girl or any grown-up Punky fan!



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