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Title: "Bellyfull of Friendship"

Episode: Season 1, Episode 29

Air Date: August 19 2019

Rating: G

Episode Summary: Pod panics when he comes close to meeting his academic rival, Franny the Panny.

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Series Description: A comedy about an amoeba. Who wears a ballcap. His name is Squish. And oddly enough, he acts like all those other kids you might meet in a middle school. If those other kids were amoeba, paramecium, and microbes. This whole Town of Small Pond where Squish lives looks suspiciously like our own world, with its tidy streets and schools and homes. But it's inhabited solely by single-celled creatures with a few unicellular quirks. Algae are the cool kids, parasites can't be trusted. bacteria always makes a mess of everything ...

Aimed at 6-11 year olds, Squish features the genuinely original world of an Amoeba looking to survive life in the cutthroat world of single cell organisms ... not to mention school! The series is based on the hilarious New York Times best-selling graphic novels by Jennifer Holm and Eisner Award-winning creator Matthew Holm. Published by Random House Children's Books, over one million copies of the existing six books have been sold to date.

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