A Very Venice Romance

Information about the Movie:

A Very Venice Romance
Title: "A Very Venice Romance"
Air Date: September 30, 2023
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Type: Made-For-TV Movie
Director:Liz Farrer
Lead Cast:Stephanie Leonidas (Amy) and Raniero Monaco Di Lapio (Marcello Barone).
Distributor: Hallmark


Amy (Leonidas) is a New York City executive that has been trying to launch health-forward deliverable meal prep kits. She needs to find a chef to help guide the venture and sets her sights on Italian chef Marcello (Monaco Di Lapio). Marcello declines to hear Amy’s offer, so the never-deterred Amy travels to Venice, Italy and signs up for his advanced cooking course hoping to make her case in person. While there, she meets an assortment of charming and quirky tourists as they learn to cook and travel around Venice and the surrounding area. Marcello introduces Amy to the slow-paced pleasures of Italy and shows her how the kits can be healthy by using fresh ingredients. Amy’s boss isn’t convinced, and Amy risks losing her job if she doesn’t stay on-brand. Will Amy follow her instincts and her heart, or will she stay quiet to keep her job?