Saving Christmas Spirit

Information about the Movie:

Saving Christmas Spirit
Title:"Saving Christmas Spirit"
Air Date:December 23, 2022 as an AMC+ Exclusive
Running Time:90 Minutes
Type:Made-For-TV Movie
Director:Wendy Faraone
Lead Cast:Ashley Newbrough (Dr. Lucy Stewart), James Robinson (Duncan), Joanne Randle (Edina), and Jake Satow (Finn)
Distributor:Nicely Entertainment


When brilliant and sharp-witted archaeologist Lucy Stewart decides to spend her Christmas break in the Scottish Highlands, she goes on a quest to find the ruins of a shrine to ancient goddess Beira the Queen of Winter. This discovery will save her job as a professor at a prestigious university from the upcoming budget cuts. She checks into a manor house, which is run by the boisterous Edina McAvoy, who believes it’s inhabited by the Christmas-loving ghost of her husband. Lucy enlists the aid of the charming Duncan McAvoy, Edina’s son, to help her navigate potential sites. Duncan owns a struggling distillery and is hoping that his new scotch, called Christmas Spirit, can save his business from a hostile takeover. Together, Lucy and Duncan explore the beauty of the Highlands while searching for her elusive shrine.