It Had To Be You

Information about the Movie:

[It Had To Be You]
Title:"It Had to be You"
Air Date:October 24, 2015
Running Time:1 hour, 30 minutes
Type:Made-For-TV Movie


Darby Powell (Torrey DeVitto) tries to break ties with her overbearing father, Nolan (Corbin Bernsen), and his conventional advertising company Nolan Powell by starting her own advertising agency Hypester. Though Hypester is innovative and trendy, it is struggling financially. After Darby loses a big account to her father's agency she finds herself in a tight spot. No longer able to financially support her company, Darby is forced to merge Hypester with Nolan Powell. Nolan's first order of business is to partner Darby with his Creative Director, Derrick (Michael Rady), on a multi-million dollar pitch for their biggest client. Out-of-the-box thinker Darby and conservative Derrick are less than thrilled to be working together. Instead of collaborating, things get competitive. Fed up with Darby and Derrick's unprofessional behavior Nolan warns them to get their act together. As they do, they discover that their clashing personalities actually complement one another, making a good team after all.