Wonderous 2: The YaYa Han Saga - Chapter 6

Information about the Issue:

Title:Miss Taken
Written by:Joelle Sellner
Art:Francesco Gerbino
Cover:Andrew Pepoy
Publication Date:April 6, 2015
Publisher:Lion Forge Comics
Print Length:28 Pages
Rating:T (Teen)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Superhero

Issue Description:

Yaya's luck is changing as a video of her actions during last issue goes viral and everyone wonders if she's an actual super hero. Yet the new found attention isn't what it's cracked up to be when it draws the attention of a very powerful mob boss who intends to use Yaya to make himself very rich.

Information about the Series:

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Yaya Han (costume designer and Ambassador for Cosplay) is reimagined as an aspiring costume designer who gets stranded across the country after a mugging. Desperate to return home, she volunteers for a medical study.



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