Wonderous 2: The YaYa Han Saga - Chapter 3

Information about the Issue:

Title:"No Contest"
Written by:Joelle Sellner
Art and Cover:Francesco Gerbino
Colors:Sai Studios
Letters:Andworld Design
Publication Date:December 30, 2014
Publisher:Lion Forge Comics
Print Length:28 Pages
Rating:T (Teen)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Superhero

Issue Description:

Yaya gives her costuming skills a test run at a convention in Atlanta, but things are off to a rough start. When she has a run-in with another cosplayer, Yaya must try to resist the urge to unleash her superpowers.

Information about the Series:

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Yaya Han (costume designer and Ambassador for Cosplay) is reimagined as an aspiring costume designer who gets stranded across the country after a mugging. Desperate to return home, she volunteers for a medical study.



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