Wonderous 2: The YaYa Han Saga

Information about the Series:

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Yaya Han (costume designer and Ambassador for Cosplay) is reimagined as an aspiring costume designer who gets stranded across the country after a mugging. Desperate to return home, she volunteers for a medical study.

Issues in the Series:

[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 1 Cover] Chapter 1
"Quick Study"
[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 2 Cover] Chapter 2
"Body Electric"
[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 3 Cover] Chapter 3
"No Contest"
[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 4 Cover] Chapter 4
"Robber Bare 'Uns"
[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 5 Cover] Chapter 5
"The Best Laid Plans"
[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 6 Cover] Chapter 6
"Miss Taken"
[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 7 Cover] Chapter 7
"Fashion Wreak"
[Wonderous Vol 2 Iss 8 Cover] Chapter 8
"The Show Must Not Go On"

Series Promotional Materials

[Yaya Han Interview NYCC] NYCC 2014
With Yaya Han
[Wonderous Vol 2 T-Shirt]T-Shirt [Yaya Han Christmas Promotion] Christmas
From Yaya Han