Womanthology: Space

Information about the Issue:

Title:"The Agency"
Written by:Joelle Sellner
Art by:Jean Kang
Lettering:Rachel Deering
Publication Date:October 17, 2012
Publisher:IDW Publishing
UPC Code:82771400384000211

Issue Description:

The oddity of finding out what your co-workers REALLY are.

Information about the Series:

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Womanthology: Space is the follow-up to the hit Womanthology: Heroic. It consists of 5 issues, each with a different theme (Moon, Alien, Star, Ship, and Comet). Each issue contains three 6-page stories as well as pin-ups and tips from professionals.

Anthology: The series was re-released by IDW Publishing in the form of a 128 page hard-cover anthology on June 18, 2013 (ISBN 1613776071).



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