Saved By The Bell - Volume 2 - Issue 6

Information about the Issue:

Written by:Joelle Sellner
Art by:Tim Fish
Colors by:Lisa Moore
Letters by:Sam Cipriano
Cover Art by:Chynna Clugston Flores
Publication Date:May 18, 2016
Publisher:Roar Comics, a division of Lion Forge Comics
Print Length:28 Pages

Issue Description:

L.A. is in the middle of a heat wave, and Bayside High is sweltering! Zack convinces his friends to cut school for the day to go to the beach. Of course, Zack's got a plan up his short sleeves - a foolproof setup for him to finally ask Kelly out! He's made the perfect picnic with Kelly's favorite potato salad, and nothing will stand between him and the ultimate beach day. But to pull it off, he's got to fend off hunky lifeguards and his own flaky friends!

Information about the Series:

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I'm so excited, I'm SO... Ready for new Saved by the Bell! Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, Slater, and Screech are all getting sent back to Freshman year in all-new comic book adventures at good ol' Bayside High! Mid-terms, hangin' at The Max, getting that first date, escaping Mr. Belding's detention hall... Experience all the ups and downs of high school in the year 2014 with some old familiar friends. Need a reason to break out those acid washed jeans? Missing your old scrunchie? It's alright, 'cause we're back with the Bell!



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