Saved By The Bell - Volume 2 - Issue 2

Information about the Issue:

Title:"Just Married"
Written by:Joelle Sellner
Art by:Tim Fish
Colors by:Lisa Moore
Publication Date:January 20, 2016
Publisher:Roar Comics, a division of Lion Forge Comics
Print Length:28 Pages

Issue Description:

Marriage is on everyone's mind at Bayside High, when the students must pair up for a "married couple" budget assignment. When fake money is tight, tensions run high! How can feminist Jessie and chauvinist Slater make their marriage work? Will Lisa blow her entire budget on shoes? Will Screech be stuck as a bachelor forever? One thing's for sure: Zack's got to impress Kelly by being such a great fake husband, she'll want to be his REAL girlfriend!

Information about the Series:

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I'm so excited, I'm SO... Ready for new Saved by the Bell! Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, Slater, and Screech are all getting sent back to Freshman year in all-new comic book adventures at good ol' Bayside High! Mid-terms, hangin' at The Max, getting that first date, escaping Mr. Belding's detention hall... Experience all the ups and downs of high school in the year 2014 with some old familiar friends. Need a reason to break out those acid washed jeans? Missing your old scrunchie? It's alright, 'cause we're back with the Bell!



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