Catalyst Prime: The Event

Information about the Issue:

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Title: "The Event"

Issue: 1

Written by: Joelle Sellner

Art Director: Carl Reed

Artist Team: Lorenzo Lizana, Sai Studios

Letters by: Sai Studios


Publication Date: Mar 15, 2013

Publisher: Lion Forge Comics

Print Length: 43 Pages

Rating: E (Everyone)

Issue Summary: The Earth is threatened by a meteor on a destructive trajectory. It is up to 4 heroes, one each from the major superpowers of U.S., China, E.U., and Russia, to stop it. What will be their fate?

Information about the Series:

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Series Description: A new cosmic event will spur the next great step in evolution. People who have randomly come into contact with powerful meteorites are gaining superhuman abilities. Now they must decide how to use their powers. Will it be for good or for evil? How will they function in a world that no longer makes any sense? How will they deal with the people that fear them and their new powers? And those who are willing to stop at nothing to exploit them?

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