Information about the Episode:

Title: "Career Week"

Episode: Season 1, Episode 18

Air Date: March 22, 2011

Episode Summary: Jason, Ellie and Matt attend career week, and discover the shadowy side of New Eden City, while Ronson hires a band of mutant mercenaries to track down and capture Zevo-3. Meanwhile, Jason gets a new girlfriend.

Information about the Series:

Series Description: Zevo-3 was animated television series which aired on Nicktoons from October 11, 2010 until May 7, 2011. The animated series followed the adventures of three kids who get powers in a lab when Zevo compound covers them, due to an experiment done by the evil Dr. Stankfoot. Together they fight off mutant monsters that arise while dealing with their own teenage problems, including school, friends, and feelings.

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