Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!

Information about the Episode:

Title: "Big Trouble"

Episode: 15

Production Code: 116

Air Date: April 13, 2002

Episode Summary: When elephants in zoos and animal parks around the world begin to suddenly vanish without a trace, Mary-Kate and Ashley find themselves battling a new and clever adversary, the amazing illusionist - Oliver Dickens.

Information about the Series:

Series Description: Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! was an animated television series produced by ABC/DIC Entertainment/Dualstar Productions. The series follows special agents Misty and Amber (Mary-Kate and Ashley) fight evil-doers around the globe in this action packed animated series. Using high tech gadgets and their own unique sense of style, they perform amazing rescues and protect the planet. The show ran for 26 episodes, 3 of which were written by me with my then-writing partner, Lou Hirshorn.

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