LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission

Information about the Episode:

[Lego Friends]
Title:"Once Upon a Lighthouse"
Episode:Season 2, Episode 16
Air Date:May 19, 2019


When Donna is visiting some sick horses on the other side of the city, the girls are left in charge of the Rescue Clinic overnight. Emma finds the old lighthouse keeper's journal which describes a sea monster and reads the journal to the girls, as strange earthquakes keep shaking the Lighthouse.

Information about the Series:

Meet Andrea, Mia, Emma, Olivia and Stephanie. They're five best friends trying to do the right thing in heartlake city, whilst trying to figure out friendships and what's important along the way. In season 2, these five best friends put their teamwork, wits and courage to the test when they take on a mission to protect Heartlake City from some bad people wily swindlers.



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