44 Cats

Information about the Episode:

Episode Title:"Sir Archibald, Gentlecat" (English) / "Archibald, il gentilgatto" (Italian)
Episode Number:Season 1, Episode 37
Air Date:August 29, 2019 (USA) / March 2, 2019 (Italy)

Episode Summary:

Lampo's uncle comes to visit and spends the day teaching Lampo manners.

Information about the Series:

The series follows the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Polpetta - four super cute cats who are part of a music band named the Buffycats. The four protagonists, who live and play in Granny Pina's garage, their Clubhouse, find creative solutions to everyday hitches and help other cats in need. The series promotes positive attitudes and conveys educational messages dealing with themes like tolerance, diversity and solidarity in a funny way.



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